Analysis Of The Perception Of Sustainability From The Perspective Of Entrepreneurs And Consumers In The Food Industry In Slovakia

Abstract :

Sustainability as an aspect of the circular operation of business models should be a core aspect of the business-making. The article presents the results of the research whose main aim is to analyse the level of perception of sustainability’s importance in Slovakia. The level of awareness in this field in the Slovak market is low compared to the situation abroad. However, companies are starting to actively address this issue. What are they actively doing for sustainability and what do they plan to add? Can sustainability be a new trend that will reflect in the customers’ preferences? The article is focused on the analysis of the environment and activities related to this issue in the Slovak market. The methodological approach was based on the identification of substantial results based not only on the secondary data processed but also on the primary research in the field of food companies in Slovakia and their perception of sustainability. The secondary and primary data inputs were processed in the form of case studies in which mutual relationships were revealed using the method of comparison. One of the main findings of the article shows the high awareness of the need for responsible approach, regarding the fact that 100% of the researched companies are minimizing the amount of waste being produced and almost 77% of them are planning to implement structured waste management.