Comparative Analysis Of Recruitment Systems In The Civil Service In Eastern Europe: Trends And Results Of Reforms

Abstract :

The reform of state-political systems in Eastern Europe included the creation of a new public service institution. One of the most important issues in the formation of an effective public service is recruitment. The purpose of this article is to conduct a comparative analysis of the current state of the public service personnel recruitment system in Eastern Europe. The study consists of the following: first, it provides an overview of civil service admission practices in Eastern Europe; secondly, it summarizes the theoretical aspects of the study of recruitment in the civil service in post-Soviet states in the context of administrative reform, and thirdly, on the basis of the data, a comparative analysis of technologies and methods of recruitment in the civil service in the countries of the European Union is carried out. The results of the study showed that these systems are not uniform or universal; integration in the EU has a significant impact on regional (country) features.