Contribution Agricultural And Government Actors: Case Of Management Biopesticide Acceptance In Indonesia

Abstract :

Sustainability development is considered to have a multidimensional perspective that results in the linkage of scientific knowledge to meet current and future basic needs. Integration between environmental, social, and economic aspects becomes a unity in terms of sustainable development. Agricultural activities are closely related to the three aspects that become sustainable development perspectives. The knowledge of agricultural actors becomes a social input that will directly influence the security of the environment. This research was conducted using qualitative methods with a focus on the share of agricultural actors and the government to support sustainable agriculture by receiving biopesticides. The research data were obtained through in-depth interviews and literature studies as supporting research results. The results of this study indicate that the contribution of agricultural actors and the government is essential in creating sustainable agriculture. Counseling conducted by the government becomes a provision of knowledge for agricultural actors as supporters in carrying out agricultural activities with an emphasis on environmental security. Acceptance of biopesticides by agricultural actors through counseling and training mentioned takes 3 to 4 months. Thus, agrabrian activities began to prioritize environmental protection towards sustainable agriculture. This shows that to realize sustainable agriculture, agricultural actors and the government are key actors who play a role in maintaining the stability of environmental and food security.