Disaster Communications To Support Mitigation Wetlands Fire In The Future

Abstract :

Fire disasters occurred in developing countries and developed countries. Indonesia developing countries that have a high potential to a fire disaster. The frequency of peatland fires has increased every year. Communication is needed to support disaster mitigation success. One form of communication that is the mass media. The mass media can serve as an early warning system and education for the community. The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of the "Disaster Communications to support Mitigation Wetlands Fire in the Future". Using research methods study literature and text analysis framing the news media about disasters both print and online. Selection of cases in the news by the mass media.The findings of the study are Disaster Communications can support Peatland Fire Mitigation. Limitations of the research is to limit the mass media studied were online media (Kompas.com, Barjamasin.tribunnews.com, Cnnindonesia.com, and Republika.co.id) during the months of September and October 2019. Selection of media because media is the fourth online media concerned with news related peat fires. The results showed the success of disaster communications role of government in providing information on fire disaster happened. Optimization of disaster communications in an integrated manner is essential in disaster mitigation. Successful disaster mitigation is expected to minimize the peat fires in the future. Synergy of mass media and the public are also indispensable in the distribution of fire disaster information.