European Integration Economic Challenges, Financial Impacts, And Monitoring The Absorption Of Ukraine’s Identity

Abstract :

Being in a situation of the socio-economic system disintegration, Ukraine faces the problem of protecting its own identity against the background of the European integration course chosen by the government at the legislative level and enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine. The situational Ukrainian problem is that if the government continues to focus on integration trends at an accelerated pace, skills, labor and human resources, which are significantly declining now in Ukraine, will lose their qualitative value, which will inevitably lead to a Ukrainian collapse economic system, but also significant issues of partner countries. The aim of the article is theoretical and applied aspects of reflecting the real state of integration economic challenges and their financial consequences for the country with a focus on monitoring the absorption of Ukraine's national identity. Methods / approaches: research methodology based on methods of correlation and comparative analysis; logical and heuristic; extrapolation; Feedback. Results: The study confirmed the fact that, despite global trends, Ukraine should question the legitimacy and rationality of the materialistic selfish principle in the economy. The Ukrainian platform of socio-economic strategic development, in activating the policy of national protectionism, as opposed to the populist movement, may become a new paradigm for the existence of national economic environments, which will replace the usual short-sightedness of thoughts and actions today. The authors worked out the determinants of determining the effectiveness of integration processes in the financial and economic sphere, analyzed the peculiarities of the Ukrainian integration direction of development, proposed the creation of appropriate conditions to stop the absorption of national identification and balanced development of the Ukrainian economy. Conclusions. The continued attraction to the integration of conventional and uncontrolled growth in the well-being of individual sections of the population leads to severe conflicts in the face of natural laws of the universe and human behavior. Economic laws, rigidly governed by the financial system and its speculative transactions, will further increase the difference in the well-being and income of the various social strata.