Human Resources Management Practices And Future Plans Of Ukrainian Employees Working In Poland: Empirical Study

Abstract :

The aim of the study is to investigate the association between human resource management practices and future plans of Ukrainian employees working in Poland.

This paper applies a quantitative methodology. The study is based on questionnaires conducted in Ukraine and filled in by 441 people who had worked and continue work in Poland.

The results demonstrate that there is a significant relationship between HRM practices, especially in the area of training and development as well as compensation and rewards, applied in the case of employees from Ukraine, and their future plans

The findings of this study should be beneficial for HRM specialists and managers in Poland who hire employees from Ukraine and would like to retain them longer, as they confirm the importance of certain practices and facilitate their efficient selection.

This research is valuable in terms of recognising the relationship between the application of certain human resources management practices in Polish enterprises and the fact whether employees from Ukraine intend to stay for a longer period of time or permanently, as it pertains to the employment in Poland.