Investigation Of The Spatial Heterogeneity Of Economic Security In Certain Regions Of Russia Based On The Assessment Of An Integral Indicator That Determines The Variability Of Its State

Abstract :

The scientific novelty of study is to implement a spatial approach to assessing the state of economic security of certain regions of Russia. The content of the economic security of the regions is determined by four systemic projections of the socio-economic system study: industrial, economic, social and innovative. It is of great interest to study for searching spatial patterns the local statistical characteristics of the geo-variation of regional indicators, which allows to assess the spatial trends in the components of economic security. The successful solution of these problems is facilitated by the use of integrated indicator assessment tools using a system of indicators. The state of economic security of the studied regions of Russia is characterized as very variable at the average level of the region with several spatially expressed points of a satisfactory level of economic territories security.