Public Procurement Performance: Criteria And Indicators For Ukraine

Abstract :

Transparent and efficient public procurement is the basis of financial security, economic growth and social stability in the country. The main purpose of the article is to analyze the performance indicators of public procurement in Ukraine and determine the ways of their improvement. The authors used the method of generalization and systematization (to identify three groups of factors affecting public procurement efficiency), expert survey (to set the limits of indicators and determine the level of customer satisfaction with the choice of winning suppliers through an electronic system ProZorro), statistical analysis (to calculate indicators) and other methods.

The effectiveness of public procurement affects the quality of public services and is based on three main factors: accessibility of the public procurement market; quality of organization of procurement activity and quality of performance of the contract. The authors proposed 12 criteria of public procurement performance and substantiated the methodology for their evaluation. An analysis of public procurement performance in Ukraine showed that during 2016-2019, the level of public procurement performance was consistently low, namely the high proportion of unsuccessful procurement, the low level of competition, the increase in the share of contracts being cancelled and contracts to reduce procurement volumes due to lack of financing. The study identified the main problems faced by customers in the procurement activity.