Risk Of Deforestation In Romania – The Effects Of Mass Deforestation

Abstract :

Global warming is undoubtedly a fairly debated environmental issue, but the biggest environmental situation detected is the disappearance of forests, which is also a consequence of global warming, because the forest has the capacity to absorb tons of carbon dioxide at the moment. respectively. in which massive deforestation is made, the amount of greenhouse gases increases. In this paper we will be able to observe the economic-ecological dysfunctions, generated when the forest is destroyed, we will also perform a quantitative, but also qualitative analysis of the forest area, how a forest can be managed in based on SWOT analysis, as well as creating certain strategies for combating and reducing deforestation, also, the identification of new ideas in preventing and stopping certain actions by which man leaves his mark on the natural space. Nowadays, the economic power has become greater than the ecological one, so that man no longer appreciates the natural space and prefers to think about the benefits that he can have for a short period of time, neglecting important aspects that in the long run will it produces certain natural disasters for its descendants.