Statistical Modelling Of Innovative Development Of The European Union Countries And Russia

Abstract :

Crisis phenomena, complex external and internal economic conditions highlight the innovative component of the state economic entities modernization. One of the most important requirements of modern economic development is the need for innovation and the ability to innovate. This work is devoted to the innovative activity analysis of the European Union countries and Russia and their rating based on the integral innovative development index. The basis of the study was statistics for 2018, which allowed us to identify 16 indicators characterizing the level of states innovative development. These indicators are grouped into three blocks: “Socio-economic conditions of innovative activity”, “Scientific and technical potential” and “Innovative activity of organizations”. The obtained values ??of the integral index made it possible to divide the countries into 5 homogeneous groups, in each of which the strengths and weaknesses of innovative development were identified. The analysis of innovation indicators in the EU and Russia allowed us to formulate the main conclusions that reflect the innovation development level, as well as the specifics of main innovation types processes in the context.