Study On The Romanian Employees’ Opinion Regarding The Cloud Services They Use In The Company

Abstract :

Once with the accelerated technological evolution, the society needs to adapt to the changes that appear everywhere, through integrating new innovative technologies in the current activity. Although, the technological barriers of Internet are not precisely delimited, it is obvious that it will further represent an unlimited source of information, where new technologies fit very well in the great majority of the activity domains. It is noble the fact that, modern technologies play a very important role in the contemporary economy, which implies the idea that, it is hard to draw certain directions specific to their development, because they have an incredibly fast rhythm of development. In this paper I conducted a quantitative study at the level of which I’ve proposed to identify the perception of the employees from Romania regarding the cloud services they currently use. The research was made on a sample of 315 persons and the data was analyzed with the help of the IBM SPSS programme.