System For Financing Of National Projects In Russia

Abstract :

National projects have become the main strategic instrument for stimulating the economic growth of the Russian economy and improving the level and quality of life of Russian citizens. Financing of national projects is based on a program-oriented approach and involves the allocation of 95% of funding from the federal budget, implies the use of new project mechanisms for the construction of capital objects in various sectors of the economy. In the study, the analysis was carried out on the basis of implementation plans and detailed schedules of national projects. Monitoring for 2019 revealed that the implementation of national projects was relatively effective – not all projects had a high indicator of control events, and in addition, it was often not possible to fully assess the effectiveness of spending the total amount of funding due to the lack of statistics. Based on the collected statistics, the study analyzed expenditures financed under national programs by component elements, which made it possible to develop recommendations on the use of economic growth drivers and structure the types of effects depending on the characteristics of the GDP structure – short-term (from the aggregate demand side), medium-term (from the supply side) and long-term (increasing factor productivity) macro-effects.