The Role Of The Information Flow Management System In Creating Organizational Knowledge

Abstract :

The emerging information society and knowledge-based economy are characterised by fast flow and a large amount of information provided and processed by organisations. Modern organisations wishing to develop and increase their position on the market need to develop and implement knowledge creation systems in the organisation based on information flow management systems. Efficiently functioning information systems provide the right quality of raw material - data to create new and better knowledge. Errors made in managing the flow of information cause difficulties in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and often even prevent the generation and transfer of knowledge.

The purpose of the study is to present the role of information flow management in creating organisational knowledge. The article analyses the literature and relationships that connect the efficient flow of information with knowledge creation processes. Own research has been used to illustrate the assumptions of the concept.

The theoretical model of an intelligent decision-making system for information flow management was analysed, at the same time indicating the conditions for its implementation.