The Use Of The Value Added Method To Measure Intellectual Capital Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Of The Russian Industry

Abstract :

The method of measuring the value added of intellectual capital (VAIC) was proposed by A. Pulic in 2000 and is known both to practitioners and researchers. Its main advantages, firstly, include the objectivity of the data used, secondly, their accessibility for calculations and observations, and thirdly, their compatibility for comparison with other enterprises. The article presents the results of measuring the intellectual capital value of a large number of Russian small and medium-sized machine-building enterprises using this VAIC method. The obtained results gave an idea of the existing trends in the development of the intellectual capital of these enterprises in 2014-2018, as well as allowed us to make conclusions on the peculiar features of the intellectual capital development of individual samplings covering small and medium-sized enterprises. We concluded that the method is applicable not only for obtaining the data on the level of the intellectual capital of an individual enterprise but also groups of enterprises. The hypothesis of the research is that due to the increasing complexity of the business environment and production, enterprises will experience a growth of structural capital represented by company assets, such as business processes, digital assets, software products, etc. At the same time, the level of human capital can both remain at a stable level and fall. This assumption is based on the fact that over the past decade, an unfavourable trend of a drop in the actual household incomes was formed in Russia. The basis of the household income is wages as an indicator of investments in the company’s human capital. These trends can be manifested differently in different industries and enterprises. The value added of human and organizational capital was measured according to the data on the activities of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises of one of the most industrially developed regions of Russia - Chelyabinsk region.